Monday, October 26, 2009

Spectrum 7 - Debut Album 'So Silent The Night' Out Today!

Spectrum 7 release their incredible debut mini-album today on Xtra Mile Recordings! The album was recorded earlier this year at Ignition Studio and was produced by Lester Woodward and Patrick Johnson (50 Cent, Flood of Red, Furthest Drive Home, Skirtbox).

You can get the album at the following digital retails:


Spectrum 7 - So Silent The Night

1. Blue Wray
2. Frozen
3. So Silent The Night
4. September
5. Everything I Learnt at School was a Lie
6. Glass Houses
7. Serafin

"...a remarkably assured meld of razor riffing, blast beats and ambient soundscapes." - Kerrang! KKKK
"...a glimpse of future stars in the making. Turn on, tune in, rock out!" – Rocksound
" emotional and energetic blend of frenetic and cathartic bleep and blip ridden rock"
- The Fly

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