Friday, February 5, 2010

Artist of the Month: Straight Lines

Straight Lines

We are starting an ‘Artist of the month’ feature that we aim to run through out Blog, mailing list and Twitter. The aim of the feature is to highlight and introduce you to one artist on our roster each month and give away a FREE track. The free track can be obtained by signing up to our mailing list (if you are already a member of our mailing list you will be send a special download link) or by keeping an eye on our Twitter feed and tweeting for a track.

Our first ‘Artist of the month’ is Straight Lines ( Their debut album ‘Persistence In This Game’ is released on 15th February. As a reward for fans loyalty of Xtra Mile and the band we are giving away a free MP3 of ‘Versus The Allegiance’ which features on the album.

You can pre-order one of fifty specially signed albums here:

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