Monday, November 8, 2010

Vote Xtra Mile in the Rock Sound 'Readers' Poll 2010'


Well, well, well, it appears it's time for the annual Rock Sound 'Readers' Poll'. Categories include Best Album of 2010 (Frank Turner - 'Poetry of the Deed'?, Far - 'At Night We Live'?, The Xcerts - 'Scatterbrain'?), Best British Band (The Xcerts? Crazy Arm? Beans on Toast? Chris T-T? Frank Turner?), Best British Newcomer (Straight Lines? Fighting Fiction?), Best International Band (Far?, Jonah Matranga?), Best Single (Straight Lines - 'Loose Change'? Frank Turner - 'The Road'?, The Xcerts - 'Slackerpop?), Best Tweeter (Jonah Matranga? Chris T-T? Frank Turner?), Best Album Cover Art (The Xcerts - 'Scatterbrain'? Frank Turner - 'Poetry of the Deed'? Straight Lines - 'Persistence In This Game?) and Best Live Band (Frank Turner? Chris T-T? Jonah Matranga? A Silent Film? The Xcerts? Dive Dive? Straight Lines? Crazy Arm?) among others! So what are you waiting for!?


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